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Can Greens and Vegetable Powders Replace Whole Vegetables?

In recent years, green and vegetable powders have been popping up as a supplement to replace vegetables. These powders are made from dried and ground-up vegetables, and they're often promoted as a way to get more nutrients in your diet. While greens powders can be a helpful addition to your meals, they can't replace whole vegetables.

Greens powders do contain some of the vitamins and minerals found in vegetables, and they can give you a little boost of nutrients when you need it, similar to a multivitamin.

Instead of comparing greens powders to vegetables, it's easier to compare them to multivitamins. They may have some extra benefits over multivitamins, but the cost is also significantly higher. One popular brand named Athletic Greens can be as much as $3/serving.

Whole vegetables have many other benefits that our bodies need, like fiber and water. Fiber and water both help our digestion, and keep us feeling full. This is especially important for those looking to lose weight and mange their weight. Greens powders will not have as much of an effect on fullness compared to whole vegetables, and can get expensive real quick.

Eating whole vegetables is not just about getting nutrients, it's also about enjoying the different flavors and textures they offer. Vegetables come in all sorts of colors and shapes, and they can add excitement to your meals. If you truly dislike vegetables, then a greens powder is an OK option, but I would recommend you find a few vegetables you do enjoy eating, and stick to those as often as you can. Season and cook them in different ways to keep it exciting. There's a reason why vegetables have always been a part of a healthy diet!

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