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Why "Dieting" is Hard

When we think about dieting, sometimes we think about eating foods that might not be very tasty, but are good for our health. You often hear people say that healthy food doesn't taste very good! The most important thing about dieting is not just eating healthy, but choosing a diet that you enjoy and can stick to for a really long time. We aren't robots, and need to consider our own preferences when putting together a diet.

Imagine that you love eating burgers, and someone tells you that to be healthy you can never eat burgers again. That would feel really daunting and difficult. But if you find a way to make burgers in a healthier way, like using whole wheat buns, lean meat, and adding lots of veggies, then you can still eat what you love and be healthy too. This way, you’re more likely to keep eating healthy because you’re not sad about giving up your favorite food.

This is called sustainable dieting. "Sustainable" means something can keep going for a long time without stopping. Just like a car needs the right kind of fuel to keep going, your body needs the right kind of food. If you choose foods that are good for you and that you like, it’s like giving your body the best fuel! You’ll have more energy and feel awesome. Over-restricting is more likely to cause you to fall off your diet, and feel like you failed. Finding a way of eating that fits your preferred food choices is the way to go!

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